EIE Pitching Training Round 1

In December we were accepted into the EIE 2018 cohort offering us an opportunity to pitch at their big conference in April and receive some fantastic training along the way. We just spent two days in the RBS Business School in Edinburgh receiving some great advice.

Bill Joos came all the way from Silicon Valley and gave us some great insights into pitching. Bill’s course “Life’s a Pitch” made us answer the basic questions like “what we expect from this pitch?” whether its 60 seconds or 20 minutes. And in 60 seconds, we just want people to bite the hook. This was followed by Bob Keiler, Chairman of Scottish Enterprise, who spoke about the importance of storytelling and practice.

Now it’s time to put the training into practice #morethanaday #EIE2018

Harwell Grant

In January we were awarded a £20,000 grant to develop our prototype and work with the Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) to work on our commercialisation strategy. The Oxford AHSN has experience helping a number of Medtech companies commercialise their innovations and has helped us navigate our way through the complex organisation that is the NHS. Maddison Product Design have also been involved in helping us design PenPal.

The Harwell Health Tech Cluster grant is funded by the Science Technology Funding Council and has been a massive help in taking our start-up to the next level. Thank you.